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Ways to Increase Self Esteem in the Workplace

Benefits of Raising Self Esteem in Your Businesss Employees

Whether youre a manager or company owner, you need to be aware that if there are efforts designed to develop stronger self esteem among your employees, it will likely result in increased productivity and more profits for the company. It will take time to achieve this lofty goal, but that is nothing unusual with investments or anything worthwhile. You can do a number of things, such as hire experts to provide you assistance and do some research to find information on how you can go about achieving this goal. And if youve been in the business long enough, you can use your experience and sound judgment to come up with ways that will help you achieve your goal. If you like, you could enlist the help of Human Resources in your business. No matter how you decide to approach it, know that youve gotten the wheels rolling so to speak to do something positive in the workplace.

It is all about watching your employees, and listening to them. This is how you will get feedback from them. The work environment, and how your employees interact within it, is what you want to improve. You want to focus on getting their self-esteem up to par. The self-esteem of your employees, and a potential lack of confidence, is what you need to be watching for everyday. It is all about having the right idea about your employees, and this will take a little patience on your part. At some point, you will be able to identify those that need extra support. You will be able to help these employees using the tips in this article, plus others that you come across.

Always avoid criticizing an employee in front of their peers. If you must give them feedback that is corrective in nature, then do it in the privacy of your office with the door closed. You can damage someones already-fragile self esteem by humiliating them in front of other workers.

Doing this could actually undermine your efforts to increase productivity in other workers who overhear your negative words. Its a normal response for people to react negatively when they hear this level of criticism delivered in this way. So its important to be sensitive about where and when you offer this type of feedback.

Many businesses conduct group meetings either as a whole or within individual departments. This is your opportunity to accomplish a lot with both the group or individuals. For example, it is a good idea to talk about any news and other important topics.

But you can also use this occasion to highlight any successes that are worthy of note. Consider which approach youll take prior to the meeting and then work on a way to spread the recognition evenly, if possible. Acknowledging the entire team for reaching a specific goal or target is excellent, but you may want to mention any individuals whos efforts stood out at exceptional. Monitor your teams so that youre aware of who is due some positive credit.

The other side of building the self esteem of those in your company or even department is how do you know if your ideas are working. Watch any employees who show overt signs of poor self esteem. Then you watch for positive signs such as their moods, job performance in all areas and general social factors at work.

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